Driving in New Zealand

Driving in New Zealand
New Zealand, small in size and perfectly formed, has an incredible diversity of scenery, making self-driving holidays one of the more relaxing ways to enjoy New Zealand’s landscape. Travelling between towns and cities at your own pace allows you to thoroughly explore New Zealands scenic rural areas, and gives you the flexibility to stop at small country cafes, wineries and other points of interest, or simply pause to admire a view.

Our feedback over the years has shown that our well maintained roads, significantly reduced traffic numbers and the civility of other drivers, has made self driving holidays the number one way for people to experience our beautiful country.

Driving on the Left
New Zealand is a very popular holiday destination and thousands of people come here every year making the switch to left hand driving. Anyone can adjust to the driving differences in New Zealand with just a few pointers and basic guidelines; it’s a manageable and extremely rewarding experience.

The Devil is in the Detail
A Driving holiday in New Zealand can be so easy and relaxed; however It’s all in the planning! Our tours have been meticulously researched and have been refined over the last decade to work perfectly with your requirements. Although driving distances in New Zealand seem to be relatively short, don’t let the driving times fool you. Often you will be driving on winding alpine or country roads making driving times longer than expected. Our self-drive have been professionally planned so that driving times are comfortable, with time for some sightseeing and photo stops en route.

Everything You Need is Provided
Absolute New Zealand provides you with everything needed for your driving experience. provide maps, distances and travelling times between destinations, and other helpful information, to ensure your New Zealand independent vacation is a relaxed and enjoyable experience

Can I Drive in New Zealand?
You can legally drive in New Zealand if you have either a current driver’s licence from your home country, or an International Driving Permit (IDP). The law here requires all drivers carry their licence or permit when driving. You will only be able to drive the same types of vehicles you are licensed to drive in your home country. Drivers with a non-English language licence must carry an accurate English translation of their licence or an International Driving Permit.

The “Essential New Zealand” Book
Once you have booked and become an Absolute New Zealand client, we forward you a free copy of “Essentials New Zealand”, this easy to read, 50 page book has been 10 years in the making and covers everything you need to know and more, before you leave home and whilst you are traveling. It has a detailed section on driving in New Zealand and how to easily making the transition to driving on the left hand side of the road, including some useful tips and tricks.

“Thank you again for sending me the “ New Zealand Essentials” book. It really made a difference being in the know before visiting your wonderful country.”   Margaret and Jeremy Craig – USA

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