Just one hour north of Auckland lies an area of remarkable beauty and diversity. Under Mt Tamahanga, nestled in a verdant valley, Matakana grew up around the river which provided trade and access for a range of local industries: orchards, dairying, stone quarries, brick kilns, flax processing, sawmills and shipbuilding.

Today, Matakana is undergoing a renaissance. It has become the home of artists, writers, craftspeople and others seeking lifestyle changes. Recent development has given a new face to the locality. On Saturday the vibrant farmer’s market is a focal point for locals and growers to meet. Luscious produce from the area fills the stalls – fruit and vegetables, delicious home baking and Italian-style sausages, divine organic chocolate, fine wines and boutique olive oils, locally-brewed beer, the all-important morning coffee and live music as an accompaniment.

Matakana is surrounded by an area of diverse attractions – beautiful white beaches, Goat Island marine reserve, Tawharanui Park bird sanctuary, native forest with Kawau Island and the majestic Little Barrier directly offshore. Slow down and enjoy what Matakana has to offer…

Suggested Activities Include:

  • Dive Goat Island Marine Reserve
  • Kawau Island Fishing Charter
  • Great Barrier Island Fishing Charter
  • Horse Riding Along Pakiri Beach
  • Bush and Beach Horse Trek
  • Warrior Trail Horse Trek
  • Great Northern Coast to Coast Horse Trek
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