Martinborough is just over an hour drive north of Wellington (New Zealand’s capital and centre of government) is the heart of the Wairarapa wine region. The Wairarapa region is characterised by rolling hill country sandwiched between rugged coastlines and bush-clad mountains. As you drive through the region you will see grazing sheep, sheltered river valleys and lots of grapes and olives. It is by no means a large wine producing region, but what it lacks in size it makes up in quality. Some of New Zealand’s best and most expensive wines come from this region.

The key attraction of Martinborough (apart from its high number of sunshine hours and low rainfall) is wine and all that goes with wine – tastings, buying, talking with winemakers, walking through vineyards and generally absorbing the atmosphere. But it’s scale is perhaps it’s greatest advantage – everything is boutique, the big wine producers are absent so park your car in the Square and stroll to the vineyards, the nearest is only five minutes away with more than twenty vinyards to choose from.

Suggested Activities Include:

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